5th Annual Bhutanese Interstates Soccer Tournament ended Successful

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Nashville, Tennessee; June 22, 2015.

The Bhutanese-American mega sports event, ‘5th Annual Bhutanese Interstate Soccer Tournament 2015’ of the Bhutanese American Sports Council (BASC) was successfully hosted by Bhutanese community of Tennessee in voluntary initiation and incomparable selfless efforts of Bhutanese Youths & Volunteers of Nashville Tennessee together with the BASC.
The Bhutanese soccer team of Fort Worth Texas beat the Bhutanese soccer team from Rochester, New York 5-3 goals in penalty shootouts in final match of the 5th Annual Bhutanese Interstates Soccer Tournament Nashville Tennessee on June 21, 2015. The final match of 5th Annual Tournament was competitive, entertaining, and much interesting draw match with scores of two goals on each side in the soccer stadium at 3812 Hillsboro Pike in Nashville Tennessee, which ended in penalty shootouts.
On behalf of the state host organizing committee, the Bhutanese Youths & Volunteers of Nashville Tennessee officially announced, “We are profoundly proud to officially announce that ‪Fort Worth Texas‬ as the Winner Champion of the 5th Annual Bhutanese Interstate Soccer Tournament 2015, and was awarded with GOLD CUP and Cash prize of $3,500.00. Following this we are very proud to announce ‎New York‬ as the winner of Runner Up of the Bhutanese-American national soccer tournament and were awarded with SILVER CUP and cash prize of $2,500.00”  ‬‬

The founding member and the former president of the Organization of Bhutanese Communities in America (OBCA), Mr. D. J. Khaling was the Chief guest, whereas the President of the Bhutanese American Sports Council (BASC), Mr. Santa Lama was the Chairmain of the event. Starting with a meeting of state host organizing committee with interstates team leaders and representatives on June 18, 2015 from 7 pm, the mega event continued for three days till the night of June 21, 2015.

Among forty registered Bhutanese-American soccer teams from about thirty states, thirty-nine teams physically participated in the annual national tournament of Nashville Tennessee. ‘Man of the Match’ was awarded to one of the best player on each match during the entire tournament which counted total ‘Man of the Match’ awards to be about thirty eight. The Bhutanese soccer team from the state of Nebraska leaded by Mr. Bhim Gurung – President of BCN, achieved the award of the ‘Fair Team of the Tournament’.

The Best Goal Keeper of the Tournament was Manoj Basnet, and the Highest Scorer was Keshav Bhattarai. Similarly, Prakash Magar from Fort Worth Texas was awarded with the trophy of the ‘Man of the Series Award’.

The 5th Annual Bhutanese Inter-state Soccer Tournament 2015 organizing committee as well as Bhutanese youths and volunteers of Nashville Tennessee honored and recognize Mr. Buddha Subba(Dev) for rendering volunteer service to community and youths. The first host state – Atlanta Georgia, second host state – Oakland California, third – Fort Worth Texas, and forth – Erie Pennsylvania were also honored by the 5th Annual Bhutanese Interstates Soccer Tournament 2015 organizing committee, which were received by Hari Timsina, Uttam Gurung, A. K. Rana Sampang and Ganga Gurung respectively.
The certificates of appreciation were awarded to Taxari Gurung family, Gopal Basnet, Greg Crokett, Central Nepali Market, Yam Kharel, Dilip Dahal, and Dev Bhandari with gratitude and recognition of their voluntary supports, involvements, contributions and sponsorships to make the interstates Bhutanese tournament a grand success in the nation.

Similarly, the BASC awarded Mr. Kesher Khatiwoda with the ‘In the Field Achievement Award’, and the ‘Bhutanese-American Soccer Player of the year’ awards were awarded to Sanjya Loza Gurung and Pramesh Taksari Gurung. The Bhutanese American Sports Council also has established the ‘Life Time Achievement Award in Bhutanese Soccer’ to honor the living successful senior Bhutanese-American players who have contributed and created inspiration for the growing youth stars of the communities.

The mega Bhutanese event was organized and successfully hosted in the city of Nashville Tennessee with the outstanding coordination of excellent and hard-working chief coordinators from the BASC and the Bhutanese Youths & Volunteers of Nashville Tennessee; viz. Sukman Subba – Chief General Coordinator, Jit Basnet – Chief Tournament-field Coordinator, Bhakta Rai – Chief Tournament Coordinator, and Mangal Tamang – Chief Event Coordinator.

As the supplementary attractions of the mega event there were other entertaining items and presentations added to the Bhutanese national tournament. There were modern dances performances, poetry recitations and movie show – ‘Desh Khojdai Jada (In Search of Nation)’, a Nepali movie on Bhutanese Nepali story. The movie ‘In Search of Nation’ was successfully screened in the Cameron College Prep auditorium in the presence of Mr. Pralhad Gurung – the Art Director of the movie.

After carefully reviewing the application forms of calling states to host next annual national sport event and by getting the majority decision of the board, the Bhutanese American Sports Council (BASC) officially announced that the 6th Annual Bhutanese Interstate Soccer Tournament will be hosted in Seattle, Washington in the summer of 2016. The report submitted by the Chief Coordinator, Sukman Subba expressed their gratefulness to all, “The organizing committee thanked all the volunteers, organizing committee members, sports council members, and the Tennessee community members who voluntarily took the initiative and worked hard to make the mega event a grand success”.

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