Bhutanese Community of Abilene got New Executive Board

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Bhutan Darpan, Abilene, TX; June 5, 2015.

Bhutanese Community of Abilene
Bhutanese Community of Abilene

The Bhutanese Community of Abilene (BCA) got their new Executive Committee Board with the president-ship of Mr. Naren Chamling Rai elected in the community election meeting of May 30th of 2015. At this moment, the Bhutanese Community of Abilene is awakening with new visions and leaderships after some months of their community inactiveness.
The Bhutanese Community of Abilene (BCA) organization was established and inaugurated on October 23, 2011 in the city of Abilene Texas USA. The organization was established in the great efforts of Bhutanese youths of Abilene with the support of local community volunteers of Abilene. During its establishment the president-ship was given to Mr. Raju Subba, who later discontinued the community responsibility on his own. The Executive Director of BCA Mr. Naren Chamling, who is also known as the founder of BCA, continued his leadership during the crisis of community leaderships and remained as hope for the existence of community in its transition phase while getting mingled in to American communities in the city.

President - Naren Chamling Rai
President – Naren Chamling Rai

The founder of BCA, Mr. Naren Chamling Rai is the second president of the Bhutanese community of Abilene elected by the Bhutanese community people of Abilene. In the Executive Committee Board of the organization, Mr. Yam Rai is the Vice President, Mr. Krishna Bastola is Secretary, Mr. Raan Pulami Magar is Vice Secretary, Mr. Mon Gurung is Treasurer, and Mr. Deepak Mizar is Vice-Treasurer.
Mr. Bhanu Ghalley is the Chief Advisor of the Bhutanese Community of Abilene. According to the President Mr. Naren Chamling, the organization has built better mission to help, develop and promote the Bhutanese community of Abilene towards achieving success and prosperity. Mr. Rai said, “The newly elected board will be working to institutionalize the organization as a community-based non-profit organization which will be helping and serving community people by the community people.” He added, “We are to help people to make the community better place for their lives. The newly elected board has planned to conduct civic and ESL literacy classes in the community, organize cultural festivals, and provide voluntary assistance for wellness of the community.” Abilene Community1

In 2013, the Bhutanese Community of Abilene has participated and provided voluntary help to the Bhutanese Legacy Youth Club to host 3rd Annual Bhutanese Inter-States Soccer Tournament in Fort Worth Texas. This year the BCA is extending their helping hands voluntarily for the successful conduction of the ‘5th Bhutanese National Convention in Fort Worth TX.

Bhutanese Youths of Abilene
Bhutanese Youths of Abilene