Kirat Cultural Society of America in Progress; Second National Convention Successful

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Bhutan Darpan; May 25, 2015; Akron, Ohio.

Kirat Cultural Society of America; National  Conference 2015
Kirat Cultural Society of America; National Conference 2015

The second Annual Inter-State Kirat Khibekwa Yakwa Sewa was held on May 23rd and 24th of the year 2015 in the city of Akron of Ohio, USA. The sewa, a Kiranti traditional festival observed by Kirant origin people since years, was coordinated by Kirat Society of Ohio. The grand Kirant Sewa was coordinated by Sunman Samba, the president of Kirat Society of Ohio, in which Kirati participants from about 25 states participated. All most all the intellectual circle of Kirat community people residing in the United States, attended the Kirat sewa. The historical Kirat conference remained very successfully for the year 2015.
According to the source, the Yakwa sewa and the Kirat conference of the year went together successfully with a huge participation of Kirat origin people from different many states of the United States. The kirat national conference was attended by state representatives and leaders representing their Kirat origin Nepali communities of their respective states and cities.
The National Kirat conference of Ohio USA discussed among their representatives and leaders to solve the general issues and problems of Kirat families living in different cities of North America. First day conference was met at 1:00 pm on 23rd of May which continued till 1:30 am next day having just one hour dinner break. All the state speakers kept their views and status of Kirat families residing in their states.
In 2014 in the state of Georgia in 1st Annual Inter-States Kirat Sewa, the board committee of Inter-States Kirat Khibekwa Yaakwa Sewa – the ‘Kirat Cultural Society of America’ had nominated Dr. Naresh Lawoti as a coordinator for one year period. And this year on his initiation the ‘Second Annual Inter-State Kirat Sewa’ was held on May 23rd and 24th in Akron Ohio.
The Kirat Yakwa Sewa was completed successfully with a huge participation of Kirat families in their Kirat religious and cultural costumes. Families enjoyed Mang Lang, kelang, Sakela and cultural songs and dances performed and presented in the special festival of Kirat Sewa.
The Mang, the Kiranti ordained minister served every one with Prasad, lunch and dinner. The states representative leaders, guests and Mangsewasaba (Kirat priest) were honored by the organizing committees of Akron Ohio. The ‘Kirat Society of Ohio’ presented appreciation to all community volunteers and supporters.
The last day conference of State representatives nominated new board for one year and automatically dissolved previous national board of committee. The meeting elected Mr. Suk Man Suhang as a coordinator, Mr. K.K Songben and Mr. Dhan Man Lingden as assistant coordinators of the ‘Kirat Cultural Society of America’. The next national Kirat conference – the 3rd Annual Inter-States Kirat Community Sewa will be held in Nashville Tennessee on May 28th and 29th 2016 in grand coordination of newly elected coordinator of the national board, Mr. Suk Man Suhang.

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