OBCA Announces its 5th National Convention 2015 (Press Release)

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Organization of Bhutanese Communities in America (OBCA) announces its 5th National Convention 2015 which is going to held in Texas, USA. Below is the attached updated press release.




 The Organization of Bhutanese Communities in America (OBCA), founded in June 2010 by the resettled Bhutanese in America, has decided to hold its 5th National Convention in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas from 12th to 14th June, 2015. To spearhead and accomplish the task of holding this convention, the OBCA has formed the 5th National Convention Organizing Committee at the organizational level headed by its Vice-Chairman Mr. Hari Upreti as Coordinator and Board of Director Mr. D. B. Rai as Assistant Coordinator. Similarly, a Host State Program Organizing Committee led by the Bhutanese Legacy Youth Club (BLYC), voluntarily supported by Mr. Nayaran Subedi, president of Beginners Community Support Group (BCSG) and other community-based organizations has also been formed in the host state. Mr. Monish Rai as General Coordinator, Mr. Yadhu Khatri as Program Coordinator, Mr. Lila D. Adhikari as Cultural Coordinator and Nim Tamang as Event Coordinator have been nominated by the BLYC to coordinate and provide leadership to the overall aspect of the convention programs. The BLYC had been instrumental on dispensing successful management and leadership skills toward hosting 3rd Annual Bhutanese Inter-State Soccer Tournament in 2013 in Fort Worth, TX.

The National Convention Organizing Committee and the Host State Program Organizing Committee will jointly reach out to the community organizations and members through various means and media with its program detail and invitation for the convention as early as possible. In the meantime, the OBCA, which is going to elect its new board and executive through this convention, urges everyone in the Bhutanese community to provide with your innovative ideas and valuable suggestions on how we can conclude this convention with a note of success.

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Manoj Rai (Phone: 828-620-9896)

Karna Gurung (Phone: 402-452-8804)

Secretary, Press and Publicity

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