BNCA-Summit 2014 Report

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Bhutanese Nepali Churches of America – Summit 2014 Report

BNCA-Summit 14
The 4th National Bhutanese Nepali Christian Summit organized by the Bhutanese-Nepalese Churches of America and hosted by Canaan Bhutanese Church in Houston, Texas, USA from July 17-19, 2014, was a wonderful time of Christian fellowship and spiritual growth for about 1,600 Nepali-speaking believers representing more than 75 Nepali-speaking churches from across the United States.
The main speakers were the Rev. Dilip Chhetri who serves as a missionary pastor in Guwahati, India, Pastor Janga Magar who serves as an associate pastor and teacher at Emmanuel International Church in Atlanta, GA, USA, Bro. Vijay Benedict who is a preacher and gospel singer based in India and Pastor Zane Crawford who is the pastor of College Park Baptist Church in Houston, TX, USA.
The conference also included multiple worship services, break-out sessions for men, women, youth and church leaders and two evenings of talent show performances. The event host organizers received letters from former US President George W. Bush and the Office of the Governor of the State of Texas – Rick Perry with the best wishes for the big success of the grand summit.

Next year’s conference will be held in Minneapolis, MN, USA from July 2-4, 2015. Please pray for future annual conferences. This report is an update from BNCA-Summit 2014 host church Pastor Bhadra Rai of Canaan Bhutanese Church in Houston, Texas, USA.

BNCA-Summit Report 2014 in PDF provided by Pastor Bhadra Rai: BNCA-Summit 2014 Report

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