Kirant Cultural Event Successful in Georgia

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Kirant Cultural Event 2014
Kirant Cultural Event 2014

Kirat Cultural Society of Georgia (KCSG) organized two days Kirat Ubhauli Sewa on 5th and 6th of July 2014 – a grand event of Kirant religion and ethnic community of Hilly region of Himalayas (Nepal, India, & Bhutan) migrated to the United States. There were presence of representatives and descendants of Kiranti ethnicity from many states like Ohio, Utah, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, South Dakota, North Carolina, Kentucky, Pennsylvania , Massachusetts, Chicago, Tennessee,  New Jersey and from Georgia itself.

The organizers reported, there were more than 16 Mangsewasabas (Kirant Priest ) from different states, who performed and offered Mang sewa. The Sabdi Guru, K.K Songben from host state, coordinated the Mangsewa and all Sewasabas. The grand event was coordinated by B. M. Khaling, the coordinator of Kirant Ubhauli Sewa. The president of the KCSG society – Mr. Rajen Rai was the Chairman of the event, where Dr. Naresh Lawoti and Mr. Manikala Basnet were special guests.

The Kirant Cultural event was honored by the presence many special personnel like Mr. Sanman Samba – the Chief Executive Director of KSO Ohio, Mr. S B Chabegu – the president of KST Texas, Mr. Manoj Rai – North Carolina, Mr. Birkha Rai, Mr. Palman Rai, Mr. Shri Bahadur Songben, Mr. Tek Rai, Mr. Krishna Kerung , Mr. Mohan Rai, Mr. Sha Bdr Dungmali, Mr. Hari Kr. Subba, Mr. Sarman Samal, Mr. Birendra Dhakal, Mr. Ram Gurung, and Mr. Suman Suhang.

On July 5th, the event started with the Ubhauli Sewa, where most of the kirantes were present in their kiranti dresses. , On the same day, the Manglang Kelang and the Sakela dance were performed. Drinks, fruits, snacks and lunch were provided to the guests and participants.

On July 6th, the second day of the event, a grand cultural program was organized where cultural dances from KCSG, Kirat Cultural Society of Tennessee, Gurung Samaaj of GA, Magar Samaaj GA, Tamang Samaaj GA, and Sangini Dance from Hindu Samaaj were performed and presented in an excellent and well organized way. Other many cultural folks and Kirant linguistic songs, and other talent shows were presented in the grand event. Guests were welcomed and treated respectfully during the event by the organizers.

The chief guest, Dr. Naresh Lawoti and special guest, Mr. Manikala Basnet, both spoke to the event and expressed their gratitude and appreciation to the community. The vote of thanks was given by the Chairman, Mr. Rajen Rai and successfully ended the grand cultural event.

During the conference, the central committee members of Kirant Communities living in America was formed. Dr Naresh Lawoti from Ohio has been nominated as coordinator for the newly established committee. Mr. S B Chabegu – the president of Texas and Rajen Rai – the president of Georgia were nominated as vice coordinators of the central committee members and all other state representatives were also nominated as central committee members through the conference of Georgia. The newly established committee will work as a umbrella organization to help and promote state organizations.

The entire event of two days of kirat ubhauli sewa was hosted by Mr. Suk Man Suhang. Mr. Bikash Shongmen Rai, a representative from the organizing committee reported that the event remained successful for the year of 2014.

– A. K. Rana Sampang, ‘Ekalabya’